As the days have been getting longer, rays of warmth shine down and fill the air. It is officially spring. This month’s NH bloggers group, is dedicated to Earth Day!  This is our first spring in New Hampshire and it really has been a special time of year, watching and enjoying the progression of beauty. I am a firm believer in doing all you can to celebrate and appreciate our wonderful planet. This spring has brought on a lot of new ventures for me and my family. Our basic goal is to make the best efforts towards bettering our earth and our lives. Graham, my husband, has started a compost, we have 10 baby chickens, a rooster, 3 mallard ducks and the garden is soon to come. We make sure to spend as much time outside as we can. Meet Roxy,  she is Cameron’s best friend and likes being outside just as much as we do. This is her enjoying a moment while picking the wild daffodils that scatter the yard.

Happy Earth Day! Please make sure to continue on the “blog party” to Bristol, NH to see, Kristen Reimold Photography’s Blog