NH Bloggers : Happy Earth Day

As the days have been getting longer, rays of warmth shine down and fill the air. It is officially spring. This month’s NH bloggers group, is dedicated to Earth Day!  This is our first spring in New Hampshire and it really has been a special time of year, watching and enjoying the progression of beauty. I am a firm believer in doing all you can to celebrate and appreciate our wonderful planet. This spring has brought on a lot of new ventures for me and my family. Our basic goal is to make the best efforts towards bettering our earth and our lives. Graham, my husband, has started a compost, we have 10 baby chickens, a rooster, 3 mallard ducks and the garden is soon to come. We make sure to spend as much time outside as we can. Meet Roxy,  she is Cameron’s best friend and likes being outside just as much as we do. This is her enjoying a moment while picking the wild daffodils that scatter the yard.

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Spring is here!

Spring is finally here, the birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bud, as the suns warmth beats down.  This is truly the start of my favorite time of year! I absolutely love being outside and taking pictures outside! This is a fun shoot I did last spring with my lovely, beautiful friend Margot. I hope you enjoy!

Favorite food…?

This month’s theme of the “blog party” posts of the NH photo bloggers is… Favorite Recipe. Cooking is one of my biggest passions of life, and this led to me racking my mind for a couple days, as to what could be my favorite recipe.  In all this thought, I tried to break it down into what is my favorite food, and all I could think was fruits, and veggies. I make my own juice on a daily basis, and must have fruit in my house at all times. Instead pf baking anything, I decided to just photograph my favorite foods I have just lying around the house on daily basis. These are my staples ….

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An Ohio Farm Wedding

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph one of my husbands best friends wedding, Tyler and Lorna. This was really the first time shooting a full blown wedding by myself. I had an amazing time and here are just a few of my favorites from my portrait session with them. This Farm where the pictures were taken is Lorna’s grandfathers farm and has been in the family for many years. We were rushing against the rain clouds that were rolling in, so all of these pictures were taken within twenty minutes of each other. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy.

What LOVE looks like…

The “party” continues into February and in honor of Valentines Day the theme this month is “What love looks like”. I really am one lucky girl because I see and feel the most pure and honest love on a daily basis. These two men, or boys, in my life put a smile on my face daily, make me laugh uncontrollably, bring joy to my soul, and are truly the loves of my life.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

Since we are are new to the area and have never seen such a huge body of water frozen, I thought it would be fun to get dressed up and take some pictures on the ice. After dressing my husband, layering my son in a lot of layers so he didn’t have to wear a coat and a putting on a dress and some heels we were off to the ice for the first time in style. It is quite an amazing beauty, and lets just say I don’t think I will ever wear heels on the ice again. Happy Valentines Day!

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New Parents

This particular shoot was done with a very lovely couple, Lori and Craig in their beautiful home. This is their first child and they are quite excited for everything they have in store! I have the pleasure of photographing not only the maternity pictures but also the newborn pictures so make sure to stay tuned to see this beautiful new life. This gorgeous mommy happens to be 36 weeks and looks amazing! These are some of my favorites for the shoot I hope you enjoy.

…A day in a Life…

This week I was asked to join a group of New Hampshire photographers who have set out on a blogging quest aka”blog party”. Each month we will focus on a new theme, this month is “A Day In A Life.”

The last two years of my life have been spent mostly at home with my little sweet boy, Cameron Parker. Life around the house is basically focused all around him and to keep things interesting for him, and myself, we try and have fun as much as possible. I have challenged myself to shoot, edit, and post all in one day. I am running a little behind schedule, but, never the less I had an amazing day with the camera in my hands. It was my husbands day off and this is what our Friday looked like. I hope you Enjoy!

After A hot chocolate mess a warm shower was desperately needed to get cleaned up.

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